Here are some petty annoying things that an Indian finds as soon as he or she lands in America. It is not only Indians but most of Europeans are also frustrated having to cope up with sudden change in small things. Most of them have become a habit for us. But...

NomenclatureThe American NotationThe Indian Notation
Date Mm/dd/yy Dd/mm/yy
Distance Miles Kilometers
Small Measurement Inches/Yard Centimeter/Meter
Popular Game Baseball Cricket
Game Names - 1 Football = Rugby Football = Soccer
Game Names - 2 Hockey = Ice Hockey Hockey = Grass Hockey
Liquid Weight Pint/Quart Liter
Solid Weight Pounds Kilo
Temperature Farenheit Celsius
Drive Left-hand drive Right-hand drive
Office Paper Size Letter (8.5 x 11 inches) A4 (297x210) mm
Locks (mostly) Clockwise to open Anticlockwise to open
Horn Horn to insult Horn to request

The one that irritates me the most is Office Paper Size. I dont know why the Americans came up with a Letter size with such awkward dimensions. Take A4, the universally used dimension paper - it is aesthetically and mathematically pleasing. Wanna know how? Well didnt I tell you that you will find interesting tidbits and trivia about everything under the sun in these pages? Here is one, which your high school maths teacher or grad school engineering drawing professor may have forgotten to tell you:

 The A4 dimension is 297x210mm. The dimensions are related by the following mathematical formula:

L{^}2^ = 2B{^}2^ =» L/B = sqrt(2) \[297/210 = 1.414\]

What does this mean? Fold the paper into half bisecting the length. Now B is length and L is the breadth. What is the ratio of the new dimensions? 

B/(L/2) = 2B/L = 2/sqrt(2) = sqrt(2)

The ratio is retained!

If you continue this the ratio is again retained! And so on. On the face of it, the Letter size looks simply awkward.

The Desi TalkThe Desi-American talk
The job is over; completed; finished The job is done
My train timings don't match with bus timings My train n bus timings don't work out well
Seek, look, find, verify Check it
Life is boring Life stinks; Life sucks
I wont be available on Monday I wont be in on Monday
Everything is fine All set
It is very good Sounds good