I was waiting in the train station to return back home, when i suddenly saw this young n beautiful saree-clad woman. A bright red saree and a goldchain and some matching bangles. Desi no doubt. I listened at the counter where she bought the ticket, her accent confirmed that she is an abcd. She cant be more than 23. But how come in this place? I am travelling to this city for half-year already but never seen any other desi except myself. She too spotted me and probably shouldve wondered. Anyway i should give credit to her that she found out im a desi. Coz usually many Mexicans come to me and ask me something or other in Spanish for which i had to say, I am sorry, je ne parle pas espanol. And many Chinese approach me and ask in Mandarin or Japanese (how would I know the difference?) for which I dont know to say any thing but Sayanora. If thats a beautiful girl I make it a point to say Haini, O aini. Its always the case: Spanish mistake me for a Spanish, Chinese mistake me for a Chinese and desis somehow never care. Ah, where was I? She slowly came to my place and sat near to me on the bench. I knew instinctively she is going to kick off some conversation. And yeah she did. Her english was good and pronounciation worth noting.
Italics my thougts at that time.

When is the next train to new york?
Come on baby, you just now asked the ticket counter lady In about 5 mts. Is it the first time for you in Greenwich? Ive never seen you or any other Indian here.
Not really. I travel by car and today I am going to the city.... What are you working?
Me? I am a poor software engineer.
as if pouncing on me What do you really think about this y2k business? How far do you think it might go?
Its a very good thing that happened. Many indians get oppurtunity to come here and make money. Its good for us. And it might go on until the end of next year.
ignoring my phatta What do you think about this Java wave? Will it beat C++ wave?
Well, they cater to different platforms, if you know what I mean. There is no necessity for one to beat another, they can survive together and thats good for us too.
as if ignoring my previous comment What do you think about this Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator war?
What are you trying to do? Interviewing me? Well, i dont care. As long as these people fight its good for us software engineers.
Why do you think so?
Coz, thats what feeds us. All these incompatibilities call for confusion, and to fix it u need a pro.
unrelenting Who do you think will win?
a bit irritatedI dont care. I think that nobody should win. That will keep us busy. And I dont do such silly analysis also coz I dont believe in them. They don't lead you anywhere. All the analysis you do today are just sensational, nobody wants or cares them the next day.
And we remained silent for some time. Just before getting out of the train, I asked her
Well, what are you working as? 
Me? I am a market analyst.