One day I got offended. Then I looked around myself. I saw a tree. I just see a tree. I dont see its roots. The invisible roots under the ground grow in unimaginable dimensions to uphold the tree. The roots looks so intricate - are they growing in fractal dimensions? If it so, no wonder they are complex . The roots have intelligence enough to seek the water and nutrient soil. The roots have senses enough to find in which direction the water flows. In a way, the roots are aware of directions.

Weather is the most common phenomenon people talk about. When two strangers meet, it is easy to strike conversation starting with weather. It is pretty hot today, isnt it? Its a great day! Or Sheesh! Its raining cats and dogs. Whoever associated cats and dogs with rain is a wonder. Who would believe that chaos is a part of universe? Shame on you Leibnitz! That a flap of a butterfly in China would cause a hurricane in Florida is logically incomprehensible. But in fact our logical faculty is limited. Unto where the reason can lead us, there ends our logic. Beyond that is reality.

There I see a star. We are all asked to wonder what a star is from our nursery schools. There is nothing to wonder about a star. It is an area in space with compressed hydrogen burning into helium. Thats all there is to it. Our sun burns 588 billion kilogram of hydrogen into helium every second. If you think its a huge amount, think again. Burning thus, it can burn for another 5 million years. If you think 5 million years is long enough, think again. You can never think whether it is too big or too long. What is your reference to say its long enough? The universe is 12 billions years old, out of which the Sun's life is only 10 million years. ie, 10x106 / 12x109 * 100 = 0.08%. That is less than 0.1%. There are stars 1000 times bigger than sun, burning million times more hydrogen. Yet who cares for them? Should any one care? Does it make sense to care for a star? Death of star is as certain as your death. When such massive bodies die, yet go unnoticed, why do you think, you miserable soul think that you will be remembered forever? For whom does a flower bloom in the inaccessible parts of Himalayas? Can man take any pride in such an event? The blooming flower is an hypothesis. Until a scientific observation is made by man, everything is hypothesis. What happens when all the hydrogen is burned out into helium? There are three interesting possibilities. It can become a white dwarf, a black hole or explode into super novae. The resultant supernovae is extremely bright pulsating strong radio waves. The explosion of Crab nebula that happened 5 million years ago was witnessed in Earth in 1054 AD. That is, the explosion happened when man was not yet evolved. Since then many incidents have happened. Some apes started to think and became human. Man turned into a dominant animal on earth. He setup social organizations, invented agriculture, built cities, discovered religion, worshipped some one and killed some one. Meanwhile, the light from Crab nebula had still been travelling. When we pass 93 million kilometers from sun we reach a unique place called Earth. When we pass 225 million kilometers from Sun, we see rings of saturn. When we pass the solar system, then we see that we as a solar system is a very minute part in one spiral of the milky way galaxy. When we pass milky way, we see andromeda our nearest galaxy. we move further and see more galaxies. if we can travel to the end of the universe in an instant, we would see 100 million galaxies from there. Now where are you in this mess? Where are you in this effulgence? Where are you in this chaos? Are the planets and asteroids only one to revolve around the Sun? Not yet, the Sun also is revolving at 225 million kilometers per hour around the center of milky way. When this hour has passed, we are 1800m away from where we were in reference to Sun in the earth's orbit, 225 million kilometers away from where we were with reference to the center of galaxy and 200 million kilometers away from our nearest galaxy - Andromeda.

One day George Gamow was taking a walk with his girlfriend at night. He said At present I think I am the only one in the world who knows why the stars shine. A great effort of discovery is now a simple knowledge. We just borrow knowledge from one other. Not the effort. Who cares again? We dont want to go into details of spent effort. Once there was this Zen Buddhist. He used to roam naked in his house. His disciple entered his house and asked about this. He said, this universe is my dress. You are entering my trousers.

And above all there is this strangest thing called Light. It looks like we understood it. Then we knew we didnt. The we thought we might have. Then we knew we might not have really understood. Then we knew it cant be understood. It plays the strangest games with us. Light always prefers to keep us in dark. We are relentless. Richard Feynman and others devised a beautiful theory called quantum electro dynamics to tackle the mystery of light. The whole world was created and is being sustained by three actions - Electrons emit photons; Electrons absorbs photons; Electrons jump from one orbit to another. Thats all the three laws of nature. You are sneezing, gesundheit. You are actually performing an algorithm based on these laws. Every thing from your house hold tubelight till powerful lasers can be explained with these three laws. There arent any more laws. Actually, except one. Ah! the elusive gravity. The weakest force of all. Electromagnetic force is 10^42 times stronger than gravity. You fall from top of WTC lets say. You take a certain time to fall down - gravity accelerates you till you fall and if you are lucky enough you die. If electromagnetic force replaced gravity, there wouldnt be any "time" to "fall". You would be instantly dead. It is a great blessing that air is a bad conductor of electricity. Or else, the wires running on top of your head from pole to pole would conduct with your body and you would be dead before you were born. Mama mia! Morte!

Rather than saying we are made up of atoms, we can say we are made of up of electrons. Every time you think, the neurons move rapidly in your brain cells from synapses to another carrying around 4.5 micro volts. There isnt enough resistance R in neurons, or else the ampere would be certainly felt in brains. Remember Ohms law? Probably thats what causes head ache sometimes