Mind mapping is a fairly old concept that's been around for sometime. There are quite a few software available that do this job pretty nicely. However, I feel that some features are lacking, that I hope can be remedied if I write it myself (obviously!).

An alternate option can be to simply take the source code of Free Mind and extend it.

Platform Multiple
Language Java, Standard

Feature List

  • Add, Edit, and Delete nodes
  • Provide one-many relationship between nodes
  • Allow naming of links
  • Allow a small definition to be provided for each node
  • Optional icon(s) for a topic
  • Standardized storage of the map (say, using XML)
  • Ability to export map into multiple formats (PDF, Word, other mapping formats, etc.)
  • Save map automatically and explicitly
  • Ability to organize nodes and links into various topologies
  • Ability to represent a topic in different shapes
  • Ability to change color of a topic

Free Software

Commercial Software