This is a project for a word game for mobile devices that I got an idea around September, 2003.


  • Starting the Application
    • Loads the preferences of the application (which can be changed in the Options form)
  • Pausing the Application
    • Saves the current level of the game.
  • Resuming the Application
    • Loads the level saved when the application was paused.
  • Exiting the Application.
    • All resources are freed (files closed, connections closed, etc.).
    • All information is flushed.



  • Displays to the Help text.


  • Quits the game.


Splash Form

  • Displays genereal information about the game
    • Name of the game
    • Tag line
    • Version number
    • Author
      • High Scores - Goes to the high scores list.
      • Options - Goes to the options form.

Main Form

  • Shows 5 words and spaces to give right answers for the five words.
    • Finish - Accepts the user input and goes to the *Results* form.

Results Form

  • Displays how many answers that the user gave was correct for this round,
  • Displays how many answers were correct on all rounds.
  • Displays a message based on the average of the overall score.
    • Next Round
      • If the next round is present - Loads the next round information
      • If the next round is not present - If the user is eligible for entering the 'High Scores' table, Asks the name of the user using the high scorer form and updates the 'High Scores' table with name and overall score.
      • If not - Goes to the splash form

Options Form

  • Asks the user to select difficulty level of the game - Easy, Moderate, or Difficult. The default is moderate.
  • Once the user enters the data, it updates the internal preferences of the application. This will be loaded on application startup.
    • Save - Goes to the called screen.

High Scores List

  • Displays a 5 top scores in the game. If there are less than 5 scores, displays whatever is available.
    • Done
    • Goes back to the called screen.

Help Text

  • Displays general rules of the game.
    • Done
    • Goes back to the called screen..

High Scorer Form

  • Displays a text field where the user can enter his name. This name should be accessible to the caller.
    • Done
    • Goes back to the called screen.


  • options (RMS)
    • key=value
    • level=0
  • highScores (RMS)
    • key=value
    • username=score
  • easy.questions (TXT file)
  • easy.answers (TXT file)
  • moderate.questions (TXT file)
  • moderate.answers (TXT file)
  • difficult.questions (TXT file)
  • difficult.answers (TXT file)
  • Comma Separated Values
    • id,value1,value2,value3,value4,value5


  • RmsManager
    • Manages an RMS. Performs basic RMS functions
  • ResourceManager
    • Manages a resource. Performs basic resource functions


  • OptionsStore - Updates options data
  • HighScoresStore - Updates high scores data
  • DataStore - Retrieves the game data


  • Instead of packaging the application with the question and answer files, the data could be updated from a website.
    • Options should be given to specify the URL (default URL should be provided)
    • User should be given the option of checking for updates.