Working in the software field for around 10 years now has given me quite a few ideas that I wanted to implement over time - especially while learning a new concept or technology. As it happens mostly, I either don't get around to doing it or start learning something else, putting the ideas in the back burner.

Well, no sense in letting the ideas go waste. This section contains a list of ideas that came in my mind over the years. Hopefully they are interesting. If you want to go ahead and implement them, say, as part of learning a concept or technology or just for plain fun, be my guest. But I would definitely appreciate it if you could acknowledge that you're doing it by posting a comment on the page and/or letting me know of your experience. It will help me and others who are as interested as you.

As is normal open-source practice, these ideas are my own, and the code, yours. You are free to post them here for the benefit of others, but cannot sell it for a profit.