So many worlds,
So much to do,
So little done,
Such things to be.
- Alfred Tennyson

Welcome to my wiki world. I try to reflect my thoughts, my experiences, and my ideas here. As a brief intro, I'm a software professional with an avid interest in photography, travel, music, and books. The pages you see here would mostly reflect my understanding of these areas.

Feel free to have a peek. If you like what you see, a note of appreciation will be appericated!

I hope that with this wiki, though not exactly glamorous, would help me update the content as and when I have time rather than postponing it for the right moment to update the site with funky HTML, but eventually ending up forgetting the whole thing.

After a long wait, my book on SCMAD has been finally published. I have also created a companion site for the book at (external link) Take a look, or better, buy the book!